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Coronavirus Outbreak - UPDATE

Following the Government's advice to "lockdown" on the 24th March, all HHGS Activities ceased immediately. Now that there are certain easements under the lockdown, people are now allowed to meet up, in public places, maintaining social distancing.

This has allowed golf courses to start re-opening. However, as there is no full socialising allowed before or after a game and encouragement to arrive 10 minutes prior to your tee time, we don't consider that this is conducive to society golf. However, as rules relax slightly, we have agreed with Hamptworth Golf & Country Club to host a basic day's golf for us. This will the Fred Nicholls' Memorial Shield game that we play every year in honour of our friend and former captain.

We therefore, still standby the previous decision to postpone all events for 2020 and start again properly in 2021, with the same captaincy team. We will be updating the event calendar as soon as we have everything confirmed.

Members will be kept updated via email.

This was last updated on 25th September, 2020

Golf Bag with Clubs

About Us

Join us, enjoy golf, make a difference.

The Hampshire Hackers were established in 2003. 
Limited to 60 members, we are still taking memberships for our 2020 season.
Set up primarily as a golf playing, networking opportunity for business professionals and self-employed people in Hampshire, we have members that are neither. Just golf enthusiasts!
Our season runs from 1st Jan to 31st Dec each year.
Our aim is to have around nine events a year, but sometimes have more.
One event each year is dedicated to raising much needed monies to support local charities. 


Membership for a single player for the year is £40, which will include a logo'd golf shirt. Corporate membership is £60 per annum and includes a golf shirt for the main player. Only one listed player can play as a member at an event. Please clearly state your shirt size when looking to join us.





Barton on Sea: 18th Mar 2020 Weds: 09:00 Tee off 


Hamptworth: 30th Sep 2020 Weds: Tee Time TBC



Knighton Heath: 18th Feb 2021 Thurs: 10:30 Tee off TBC

Tidworth Garrison: 22nd Apr 2021 Thurs: 11:45 Tee off 


Dudsbury: May 2021 Weds: 12:00 Tee off TBC



Test Valley: 17th Jun 2021 Thurs: 10:00 Tee off 


Cowdray Park: 15th Jul 2021 Thurs: 12:00 Tee off TBC


Boundary Lakes (Ageas Bowl): 20th Aug 2021 Frid: 11:00 Tee off TBC


Royal Winchester: Sep 2021 Monday: TBC Tee off TBC


Fred Nicholls Memorial Shield

Wickham Park: 20th Oct 2021 Weds: 09:36 Tee off 


Dummer: 11th Nov 2021 Weds: 09:45 Tee off 


All events are £55 with the exception of CHARITY DAY and CAPTAIN'S DAY. THESE WILL BE ADVISED.



Handicaps and results are published to our Master Scorebaord sub-site. You can access it by clicking this link:

Simply enter the password for full access.


To date, Hampshire Hackers have raised over £106,200 for local charities, (excluding the gift aid they have received).



Our two charities for 2020, have been carried forward to 2021, are the Winchester Hospice Appeal and Dreams Come True. 







More information will be published about the event as we open for team entries. 


This year, the event is being held at Royal Winchester Golf Club on Monday, 21st September.





Hampshire Hackers Golf Society (HHGS) is a networking golf society open to people situated in the Hampshire and surrounding areas who wish to enjoy a game of golf and network at the same time. Golf takes priority.

Membership of HHGS is open to all persons who work or live in the area unless otherwise approved by the committee. The maximum number of members HHGS can allow is 60. The memberships are available on a “first come first served basis”.

With effect from January 1st 2008, there was a corporate membership made available for businesses. It allows a maximum of four members per corporate membership and the cost for this is £60.00 per annum, renewable on the 1st January of the New Year. The membership allows 1 of the named corporate members to play as a full member at each event and entitles them to the full benefits of being a member. If 2 or more of the corporate members play the same event, only 1 will be entitled to the benefits of full membership, the remainder will be classed as guests. The Member is allowed to invite guests.

Although this is a society for all types of golfers, we request that players must have played before and have a reasonable grasp of the game.

HHGS members are entitled to play as often or as little as they wish depending on their work commitments. However, to qualify for end of year prizes, a member must play a minimum of four society games during the year.

The secretary will announce each event to HHGS members by e-mail and only payments received from members by the deadline date will guarantee their place at that event.

Players must observe the Rules of Golf and the rules of the host club at all times.

Every team will have a captain, who is the lowest handicapped HHGS Member, whose responsibility it is to ensure that slow play is avoided at all costs. There is nothing wrong with slow play, but teams playing slower MUST call the pursuing team through. One of the biggest causes is players not picking their ball up when they cannot score on the hole and continuing through until they have putted out. The highest handicapping player cannot have any more than 8 on their card (and this would only be on a par 5 hole).

If it is proven that a team has:

a) fallen behind more than 1 full hole and/or

b) held up play for the pursuing team(s), then there will be a 2 point penalty reduction applied to each of the players final scores. Only in extenuating circumstances may this be appealed.

There are some major changes to rules for 2019, from the R & A and we are adopting them. Please be aware of the rules and specifically the changes. One of these changes is an optional one which we as a society are adopting to speed up play. If you hit a ball out of bounds, you are now allowed to drop a replacement ball at the point of entry. This will incur a 2 shot penalty, (exactly the same as if you dropped from where previously hit.

A £40 annual membership fee is required to cover administration costs and becomes renewable as of the 1st January of the New Year. Any funds left at the end of the year will be used towards room hire and annual awards/prizes. HHGS is a non-profit making society.

If a member cannot attend for whatever reason following payment for an event, the amount will only be refundable if a replacement player can be found.

A list of members is held by the Secretary and all appropriate society records are to be kept by the Treasurer and Secretary.

On HHGS golf days, prizes will generally be awarded for 2 X nearest the pin and overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The cost of these prizes will be included in the cost of entry to each society golf day.

Guests can play for the same price as a member of the Society, but they will not be entitled to any prize. E.g.: If a guest wins the competition, and a member comes second. The member will be deemed to have won the first prize. This is a privilege of society membership. There may be a best guest prize, but this is not guaranteed.

All cards handed in after competition must me legible and signed by both the player and marker. There are no such things as "gimme's"; all players must putt out unless they cannot score, and they must then pick up their ball.

All handicaps are governed by our handicap secretary. It is the member's responsibility to notify the Handicap Secretary of any change in their club handicap, in advance of the day that we are playing. If you're handicap has decreased and you fail to notify, you could be disqualified for not advising your correct club handicap.

The handicapping system has changed to the following: 2 shot cut for a winner and a 1 shot cut for 2nd and 3rd (subject to committee override if felt necessary). After one year, the shots will be returned to the player. The Handicap Secretary will monitor the handicaps and deduct the points for wins and replace the shots after one year has expired. The member who comes in last at an event will be given one shot back for the forthcoming 12 month period. All members are required to notify the Handicap Secretary of any changes in club handicaps either increases or decreases.

The end of year points scoring system has being made simpler. The digital membership program that we use, issues points automatically and in future these will be used. This will replace the previously used system which was too complicated.

The members voted overwhelmingly at the 2013 AGM, that only two charities shall be chosen as being a recipient of the annual findraising day.

The committee reserve the right to override this.

Injuries to players caused by whatever means are not the responsibility of HHGS or its committee. It is the responsibility of each golfer to be insured against all eventualities.



©2020 for Hampshire Hackers. 

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